Seven days without reason return.
This will expedite the processing of your request.
For a refund, the item(s) must be in new and sellable condition. All apparel items need their original tags. TRY ALL ITEMS ON INDOORS. DO NOT PLAY, PRACTICE OR WEAR THEM IN A WAY THAT WILL SCUFF OR GET THEM DIRTY. THAT MEANS DON'T USE THEM ON FIELD TURF, DIRT OR GRASS. THEY MUST BE IN NEW AND SELLABLE CONDITION. To reiterate, this means (a) you haven't worn it to a Halloween party and are trying to return it, (b) your dog didn't try to eat it, (c) it smells like perfume, cologne, cigarette smoke, or any other noticeable odor that new stuff shouldn't smell like. We have highly trained monkeys to sniff out such shenanigans. Returns of sellable merchandise made over 120 days after the original purchase receive a credit to their account. Returns of sellable merchandise made within 120 days receive a full refund. For all refunds/credits you must have proof of purchase. Customizations - No returns or exchanges on embellished apparel items Licensed jerseys with the Add A Player or Add A Patch option are a Customized product. The base jersey will be embellished with the authentic name and number and/or patch (as indicated by your purchase). No returns or exchanges are allowed. Proof of purchase required for all returns. If you don't have proof of purchase we will not be able to offer a refund or credit. Proof of purchase is your email confirmation, the packing slip received with the shipment, or your order number. All items returned must be shipped in a shipping box. Shoes or other items shipped in the product box with a shipping label stuck to it will not be accepted or returned. Because we want all customers to have a great experience, we won't sell returned items as "new items" if they aren't in new condition - including the box and original manufacturer tags. PLEASE RETURN SHOES IN THEIR ORIGINAL SHOE BOX PLACED INSIDE A SHIPPING BOX. For more questions, please contact us!